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How to beat the rise in food prices

It’s no secret that the cost of food is constantly rising, however this also means the outgoings of food businesses are also rising. Something as simple as dried pasta has increased in price by as much as 41% in a year. This can be difficult as it often results in businesses having to increase their prices, which can mean less custom if they are unhappy with this rise. However, there are a few things that you as a business can do to try and beat the rise in these food prices, so read on to find out more. 

Plan ahead

Planning ahead what food you’re going to need and in what quantities will allow you to shop around for the best deals, and also stops you from purchasing too much food that you’re not going to use. Food waste within your bakery is not only going to make you feel guilty, but will also mean that you’re throwing away food that has cost you money if you haven’t planned ahead.

Buy in bulk

One of the absolute best ways to save money on your food budget is by buying all of the things you need in bulk, and this also fits in with planning ahead. If you buy small portions then they’re usually more expensive than if you buy large quantities of the food that you need. This is also made possible by planning to make larger batches of the food when you’re buying the ingredients in bulk. 

Look for wonky bargains 

‘Wonky bargains’ are a type of deal that can be great at saving you money when buying your ingredients. Wonky bargains consist of fruit and vegetables that still taste good, however they don’t fit with the appearance of what shops usually sell, so they sell them for cheaper. These make great ingredients for dishes as the shape won’t matter when it is put into a dish.

Buy from suppliers

Our number one tip for saving money on food for your bakery is to buy from trusted suppliers that you know have high quality food for the right prices. Wholesalers are going to be able to give you high quality ingredients that are going to be extremely tasty in your dishes, as well as these items being available in bulk. 

With some careful planning and strategising, you can beat the rise in food prices and keep your business running smoothly. We hope these tips have helped to give you a few ideas on how to make this happen, and if you are looking for a trustworthy wholesalers that will give you the best prices possible, then contact us at Quality Food Corp today.  

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