Five cashew-based foods you need to try for your bakery

Are you looking for some new and innovative ideas to add to your bakery menu? If so, you should definitely try out some recipes that incorporate cashews. Cashews are a versatile nut that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, and many of them are plant-based! So here are five of our favourite cashew-based recipes for you to try.

Cashew cream cheese 

Cream cheese is a great item to have in your bakery, as it can be made into many different recipes. If you have savoury foods, you could spread this delicious cream cheese on your bagels, or use it as an icing for your cakes. 


Cashew-sesame bars

These cashew sesame bars are perfect for vegans that visit your bakery and want something quick and easy to grab. These bars are also packed full of flavour and healthy ingredients that the health conscious person is sure to enjoy.

Smoked cashew salsa

This savoury salsa is the perfect accompaniment to focaccia, especially if your customers are looking for something savoury. This is also the perfect summer recipe, with the cold salsa also being able to be kept in the fridge so it will be great for cooling customers down.

Banana, coffee, cashew, and cocoa smoothie

If you offer drinks to customers, then this incredible smoothie recipe might be the perfect thing for you to try on your menu next. This smoothie combines the gorgeous flavours of coffee and chocolate, with the creamy cashews to create a blend your customers won’t be able to resist.

Cashew nut brittle

This sweet nut brittle is great for batch baking, and the easy recipe means this dish can hopefully be the new staple for your bakery. The caramel colour and pinch of salt on top makes this brittle extremely aesthetically pleasing, especially when served in little pots with your bakery’s logo.

If you’re looking to add a little something different to your bakery menu, why not try out some of these delicious cashew-based foods? They’re perfect for people that eat plant-based or gluten-free food, and they offer a great flavour profile that will appeal to customers of all ages. All good bakers know that food quality is one of the most important things in cooking delicious dishes, which is why you should trust us at Quality Food Corporation to fulfil your high quality cashew needs today.

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