5 Instagrammable Foods You Need To Add To Your Menu

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and saw a food you just had to try? What if that food was something from your bakery? Well now you can make this happen! A good social presence is imperative to a company’s success and this is especially true when you own a bakery because customers will often find you through eye-catching social media pictures. Having instagrammable foods on your menu will not only look great on your social media, but it will encourage others to share photos from your bakery as well. This is especially great because people often follow others in their area, so you’ll automatically be hitting your target audience. If you’re not sure what will look good, don’t worry, we’re here to tell you. 


Even though these sound like something everybody has on their menu, croissants are an amazing opportunity to let your bakery’s creativity shine through. The recent Instagram trend of ‘rainbow croissants’ is where people will bake different colours into the puff pastry, creating beautiful multi-coloured stripes.

Sun dried tomato puff pastry bites

It wouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t heard of these savoury puff pastry bites before, but this Italian recipe has recently gained popularity in the UK, purely because of how delicious it really is! The sun dried tomatoes and puff pastry can be paired with a range of items, such as prosciutto and pistachios, to create these beautiful little bites.


With an array of colours available, these dainty desserts have swept through bakeries in recent years. From pastel blues to bright pinks, you can easily match your macaroons to your brand colours, creating an even better picture for your social media. Why not try adding the wildly popular pistachio macaroons to your menu? We promise you won’t regret it!

Lavender anything

From lattes to cupcakes, lavender flavouring has become extremely popular over the past year, and can be incorporated into an array of foods and drinks. If you sell coffee then a lavender latte is definitely the way to go. If you only sell baked goods, why not try lavender cupcakes with dried flowers as a picture-perfect garnish. 

Mini meringue cheesecake bites

Flavoured cheesecakes have always been a bakery staple, but decorating your own mini bites with a delicious meringue topping and a dried lemon sprinkle to finish it all off is sure to have your customers snapping away in no time. 

These five foods are sure to have your customers taking some amazing pictures in no time. Just make sure you ask them to tag their location so their followers can easily find your bakery. These foods may all look incredible, but it’s equally important that they taste good to keep those customers coming back and taking more great pictures. Good food starts with quality ingredients, which is why we recommend using Quality Food Corp as your quality food supplier for your bakery. Visit our website to explore what products are available for your amazing bakes today.

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