3 Most Popular French Style Pastries You Should Offer At Your Bakery

The French are known for their pastries, so it’s no surprise that these delicious treats are popular beyond the borders of France. If you have a bakery and don’t offer them on your menu, you might be missing out. French pastries can be either sweet or savoury, they’re simple, tasty and people  absolutely love them! See some of the staple French pastry items below and add them to your offer today!


If you want to offer the most popular French pastry, then croissants should be on your menu. They’re easy enough to make with a few steps and can even be pre-made for convenience.  If you’re looking to increase your bakery’s profits and popularity, we recommend offering croissants as one of the main pastries on your menu. You can’t go wrong with this classic French pastry – it’s a customer favourite! Plus, they make for an easy grab-and-go breakfast item that people love taking to work or school. 

Brioche buns

Brioche buns are a popular French pastry that can be found in many bakeries. They make for a great breakfast item and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Pain au chocolat

Pain au chocolat is a great treat that can be found in almost any French bakery or supermarket. This delicacy goes great with a cup of coffee or tea. A pain au chocolat is one of those rare treats that can be enjoyed at any time, whether it’s breakfast, lunchtime snack, mid-afternoon break or after dinner dessert. Make sure you add it to your menu! We hope this post has inspired some new ideas for how to get more sales at your bakery today.  It’s important that you’re able to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and stay ahead of competitors by constantly evolving!

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