QFC achieves BRCGS Agent & Brokers Accreditation at AA

We are delighted to have achieved BRCGS Agent & Brokers Accreditation at AA. This certification is highly respected in the industry and demonstrates our commitment to quality customer service. 

This is a real game changer for QFC showing that we adopt industry and international best practices to promote increased confidence in our products and to keep our customers safe.  In turn, it will help us to gain the competitive edge and to access parts of the market only available to those who are certified.  

The audit itself was held online and took eight hours in total. There are a massive 302 individual requirements in the Agent & Brokers standard and we had to demonstrate, through documentation and practical activities, that we met each one in order to pass the audit.  We are left with a Quality Management System that promotes brand trust and integrity coupled with process efficiency.  Our traceability systems really do allow us to trace all of our products from field to fork, so crucial in the food industry.  

This is just the beginning – audits are conducted every 12 months.  It will be important for us to retain our AA grade through continuous improvement and we’re up for that!

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