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5 Benefits of Adding Seeds and Nuts To your Baking & Cooking

Seeds and nuts are a healthy addition to any diet, so adding them to your baking is just one more way of getting these vital nutrients. If you want to add some protein or fibre, seeds and nuts have those as well! Plus the flavour of baked goods with seeds and nuts can be really delicious too. Whereas


Whether you’re baking bread, rolls or pastries, consider adding sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed kernels and pecans for an added texture. You can also try using chia or flax seeds in place of eggs if you want to reduce the amount of cholesterol found in your baked goods. Adding nuts and seeds will not only add flavour but it will also give that perfect crunchy crust that everyone loves so much.


Adding seeds and nuts to baking also adds a lot of flavour? Whether it’s flax, chia, sunflower or sesame seeds, it’s a simple step that adds so much goodness! It’s especially good for vegan recipes which tend to be a bit bland.

Health benefits

Seeds and nuts are an easy way to add vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats and fibre to your diet. They’re also a great addition to baked goods like cookies or cakes because they give the finished product a nice crunchy texture that people love. 


Adding seeds and nuts to your baking will not only add flavour and texture but also colour. You can use them in both sweet and savoury options which is great if you want variety. We all know that baked goods are delicious, but they’re more attractive when seeds and nuts are added. Seeds add natural colour to your baking which makes them look prettier for customers. You should try adding some of these ingredients in your next batch of muffins or breads – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Adding seeds or nuts to baking is a great way to enhance the flavour as well as the appearance of your baked goods. Not only do they add texture, flavour and vibrant colours but they also pack in loads of vitamins and minerals. The best part about it is that you don’t need too much – just a tablespoon will do the trick! So next time you’re whipping up some muffins or rolls, toss in some pumpkin seeds, almonds or walnuts before popping them in the oven to get those extra health benefits with minimal effort. And if you need a quality bulk nuts and seeds supplier, look no further than Quality Food Corp. We offer the freshest and most delicious seeds, nuts and dried fruit, perfect for your bakery business. Get in touch today!

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