Gluten-Free Baking – How To Cater For Gluten-Free Customers

For a bakery business, it is always important to cater to all types of dietary requirements to the best of your ability. By not doing so you can be missing out on significant business. 

Gluten-free baking has become a hot topic in recent years, as a greater awareness of Coeliac disease has been established with the general public. 

With that being said, there are still many people who may not have ever heard of Coeliac disease, let alone know what it is. 

What is Coeliac disease you may ask? 

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease that regularly gets mistaken for an allergy. If someone has this disease and eats gluten, this causes damage to their gut and also prevents their body from properly absorbing the nutrients from the food. This leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating and stomach cramps. Therefore, it is important that someone with Coeliac disease sticks to a strictly gluten-free diet. 

So, how can your bakery cater to customers with Coeliac disease?

In this article, we take a closer look at how your business can adjust your operations to cater for gluten-free customers.

  1. Source ingredients from a trusted supplier 

Behind every good bakery is a trusted supplier. It is not only important to source ingredients from a trusted supplier because of quality purposes but this is extra important when it comes to ensuring that gluten-free ingredients don’t have traces of gluten in them. Remember to always check the labels to ensure that products are in fact gluten-free. 

  1. Store gluten-free products separately

In order to prevent gluten-free products from being contaminated with gluten, you should ensure that gluten-free ingredients and products are kept separate from non-gluten-free products. This same rule applies when preparing and baking gluten-free products. You should dedicate utensils and equipment for gluten-free use only and ingredients should be kept separate from each other in order to avoid cross-contamination. 

  1. Clean your equipment well 

When it comes to avoiding cross-contamination between non-gluten-free ingredients and gluten-free products, the cleaning process needs to be thorough. You should clean shared equipment before use or better yet, dedicate separate areas and equipment for non-gluten-free and gluten-free. 

Choose bakery ingredients from QFC 

As you can see, by taking extra precautions and putting in place new procedures, catering for the gluten-free market isn’t that difficult but can be extremely beneficial to your business. 

However, as mentioned above, it is always important for any bakery business to source its ingredients from a trusted supplier – especially when it comes to providing gluten-free products. 

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