Plant-Based Baking: How Your Bakery Can Benefit From The Vegan Trend

Whereas years ago veganism may have been something you hadn’t heard of before, it is most likely that you heard of it now with more and more people opting for a plant-based lifestyle. 

Although, you may think the fact that there are more vegans is bad news for your bakery, in fact, this isn’t necessarily the case. 

The cultural shift to veganism can actually benefit your business in a number of ways and can present numerous opportunities. 

How exactly? Let’s take a closer look at how your bakery can capitalise on the vegan movement. 

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice in which people exclude all products resulting from the exploitation of animals such as foods, clothing, etc. 

Vegans not only don’t eat meat or fish but they all avoid any dairy products, eggs and any products that come from animals. 

What this means for bakeries

Providing vegan products can be a challenge for bakeries as animal products like milk and eggs are commonly used in baking. This means that bakers have to explore other ways to bake their products without these key ingredients whilst not compromising on taste and texture. With that being said, it has resulted in bakeries being creative and innovative to break into the vegan industry.  

The benefits of offering vegan baked goods 

Expand your customer base 

 By offering vegan alternatives you are able to cater to a customer base that you would have previously missed out on. With more people making the switch to veganism, this means that there is a whole host of customers looking for vegan products, a need which you could meet. 

A unique selling point 

With a growing vegan market, this presents the opportunity to target a new industry that can set you apart from the competition. You are able to rebrand your company as a go-to for vegan baked goods and an industry leader. This doesn’t mean you only have to produce vegan products but by investing in this market, you are able to add an extra branch to your bakery business.

A bakery doing good 

People are more likely to support businesses that are seen as doing good. Thanks to the benefit of veganism for the environment, offering vegan alternatives creates a positive image of your business as a company ‘doing the right thing’. This not only appeals to vegans but also other customers who are conscious of their impact on the environment. This is great news for your bakery business. 

Adapt or get left behind 

In any sector, it is important to evolve and adapt to the industry in order to not get left behind. With a significant shift towards plant-based products, by not offering this service, your business might be losing out. Being ahead of the trend is a crucial part of ensuring your business stays competitive.

As you can see, the rise in veganism shouldn’t be a concern going forward but should be seen as an exciting opportunity to reinvent your bakery business and stand out from the crowd. 

You may wish that your bakery went vegan sooner!

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